Reilly After The Storm – by T.G. Sampson

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Born in the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, Reilly After the Storm is an adventurous novel that begins in the past, yet hurtles toward the future at a fast pace.

Reilly is not a normal dog by any means. Torn from her roots deep in the Louisiana farming country as a puppy, whisked away to strange surroundings and into the path of a storm, Reilly finds herself at the beginning of a journey that will collide with those chasing her, those who want to save her, and those she must protect.

Along the way, she must face danger, escape and joy, all to find her place in this world.

The next book in the series, Reilly Lost in The Wildwood, is where we find our heroine up to her tail in more adventures, and even more danger than before. Four more books are planned in the series.

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Keywords:- Reilly, Hurricane Katrina, Chase, Adventure, Dogs, Mystery, Farms, Louisiana, New Orleans, Clones, Fbi, Vets, Friendship.

Genres:- Fiction, Action & Adventure, General.

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