Rebekka’s Children – by Frank H. Marsh

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Brothers Esau and Jacob witness their mother perish, Esau in horror, Jacob with joy. After following their separate paths of destiny, they meet again by chance thirty-five years later.

The attack of a young college student is linked to a homeless drifter who goes by the name of Esau. Then, he mysteriously dies in the court house before the trial. After the incident, two homicide cases follow. Are they related? Who is the murderer? Is Esau guilty?

The case of Esau and the two brutal murders become the last crusade of justice for the twice divorced assistant attorney general Grove McVey as he is one step from retiring. A story shrouded in suspense and mystery, Rebekka’s Children is the narration of long buried and forgotten misdeeds that are resuscitated to haunt a tragic and troubled family.

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