Raising Genius – by Brian Avery

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Wishing your child will one day establish a rewarding career is every parent’s hope. Taking steps to accelerate and aim your child’s academic performance in a highly rewarding direction is uncommon. Our world has already changed in ways that negate traditional approaches to college and career pursuits. A child’s often whimsical interests may not play well in an economy that is demanding, specific, and globally competitive. This book focuses on preparing children for a globally competitive economy wherein specific disciplines are highly rewarded. Helping prepare children for options in tomorrow’s world is the key objective. With a little effort, guidance, and assistance on your part, life options for your child can be dramatically improved. Raising Genius is an intentional misnomer. Many might dismiss your child’s academic and career success as the result of having a genius IQ, but this is not usually the case. Often what we see as “genius” is the result of focused and applied work over time. In Raising Genius, the author provides methods, guidance, and strategy to help parents set their children up for academic and career success … success that will enhance options for your child.

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