Quadrangulation – by Michael J. Davidson

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Quadrangulation, an intense novel following four characters whose lives intersect, recounts a four-year period that goes from peaceful to terrifying, as events whirl out of control.

Josh Miller is a London oral surgeon and Jo-anne is his wife of 20 years. Belinda, 22, is Josh’s former surgery assistant, while Craig is Belinda’s boyfriend and travelling companion.

Out of the blue, Josh is stunned when his home is invaded, their beloved dogs poisoned, Jo-anne’s motor car defaced and an obscene message is painted on a wall of their house. Nothing points to a perpetrator, but then Josh remembers …

Three years before, he casually invited Belinda on a scuba diving trip to Egypt and is surprised when she agrees. Although concerned that Craig might consider himself more than just a platonic travelling companion, Josh allows his vanity to prevail and the trip proceeds with devastating consequences.

Will insatiable lust for revenge at the perceived destruction of a relationship lead to further violence?

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Keywords:- Infidelity, Revenge, Scuba Diving, Passion, Kidnap, Heroism, Forgiveness.

Genres:- Fiction, Thrillers, Crime, Sagas.

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