Purple Horizon – by Anthony Nwosa

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One fateful night in Italy, Anna Colloni is saved from the brink of death by a young Nigerian, Joe Kodilonye. Anna owes Joe her life and they fall in love, but the rich Italian girl flirts with death once more when hostility to their friendship intensifies – Joe is African and judged by the colour of his skin. But…

‘For those who so deeply care for others, the fountain of life and love forever flows.’

In a different life, in his native village Ahamba, Joe was secretly betrothed to a mystical deity – the Princess of the shrine. But even in Italy where Joe had been sent to study for the benefit of his motherland, he cannot escape the clutches of the goddess – the lines between fact, fiction and the supernatural become extensively blurred.

Purple Horizon is a deeply hunting tale of survival, laced with powerful tribal superstitions and shrouded in that universal ignorance – racism.

“This Beautiful book deals with universal themes of love, despair and redemption. What is true and real and what is the product of ignorance? Joe’s journey is lyrical, moving and profound and unfolds to the warm spiritual tragic rhythyms of Africa” —
Arthur Smith, Comedian -Winner of the Edinburgh Festival of Arts 2007

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Keywords:- Anti -racism , Race-hate, Multiculturalism, Color Blind, Social Injustice, Racial Equality.

Genres:- Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Visionary & Metaphysical.

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