ProGenesis: 95 Theses Against Evolution : A Scientific Critique of the Naturalist Philosophy – by Dr. jur. Dieter Aebi

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In the natural sciences today, research and teaching are often carried out on the assumption of evolution.

The evolution theory is at present one of the main basic concepts of the scientific community. However, there are at least 75 scientific arguments that invalidate the evolution theory. 95 Theses Against Evolution makes it clear that alternative concepts are necessary, such as ID (intelligent design). This book shows that ID is much more credible than evolution.

Though unresolved questions of detail are included, the model of the theory of evolution, primeval soup, and the Big Bang, is not called into question as a basic principle.

This paradigm contains fundamental, non-provable extrapolations into the distant past as well as philosophical assumptions that are elevated to scientific dogmas. The assumption of evolution is so deeply rooted in science that only a massive change in thinking can lead to freer handling of questions of origin and development. The 95 Theses described here are intended to contribute to this discussion.

Today’s situation is similar to that in the 16th century, when Dr. Martin Luther with his 95 Theses, invited debate on church practices of the time. Hopefully, this publication will have a similar effect.

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Keywords:- Evolution Refuted, Scientific Alternative to evolution, Origins, Biodiversity, Intelligent Creation, Radiometry Questioned, Micro- and Macroevolution.

Genres:- Science.

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