Private Dancers or Responsible Women : A Novel of Intrigue – by Andrew Parkin

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This stunning novel of international mystery and intrigue presents a prime whodunit, as it takes readers on a danger-filled journey around the world.

The four main characters are Paris-based freelance journalist Paul Wills, his friend Graham Curtis, girlfriend Mary Rao, and the beautiful mystery woman Kalitza, whom he meets on trips to Hong Kong and in Europe. Who is this woman and why does trouble seem to follow her wherever she goes? Bomb plots, spies, and marriage are in store for the unsuspecting Paul.

Journalist Paul Wills tells his friends Graham Curtis and Mary Rao about his strange experiences with the beautiful Kalitza, a mystery woman he encountered in Hong Kong and Europe. When Graham’s wife is murdered, he gradually overcomes his grief with the help of his friends.

Who is the mysterious Kalitza? Will Paul find her again and make love to her? Will secret agent Kim survive a grenade attack in a London hotel? Is her colleague, the grotesque Bruno, a double agent? Is Scotland the best place for proposals of marriage? Is Sutton Coldfield the sexiest little town in Britain?

Find out the answers and the meaning of responsibility in Private Dancers or Responsible Women: A Novel of Intrigue.

Watch for the sequel!

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Keywords:-Crime, Mystery, Romance, Seduction, Responsible, Women, Happiness.


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