Princess Tiffany Arabella And The Time Of Dreams – by Stuart Jarod Hinchliffe

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In a dreamy little country called Aurealia, there exists an eternal race that has evolved from early Aboriginals. Aurealians have eternal life under their almighty female spirit, who grants Queen Karina and her eldest daughter, Princess Tiffany Arabella Starwood, certain powers.  Aurealia is a peaceful and pacifist land where material things and materialism have been abandoned. There are no automobiles, trains, telephones or electricity. It is a society run on candle power.  In this children’s love story, Princess Tiffany falls in love with a mortal boy named Jaidyn Justin Hayward, who lives in Landred Bay. She spirits him away to be with her in Aurealia, along with his best friend, Tom, and his young cousins, Sarah and Charlotte. Before they can meet other Aurealians, they encounter the “soul animals,” who house the voices and souls of deceased warriors. These spirits are friendly and guide the visitors to Wishheart Castle, home of the royal family.  Jaidyn has no idea what the princess has in store for him, but an evil owl warns of a coming war and a quest.

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Keywords:- Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Magic, Science Fiction, Spirituality, Pacifism.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance.

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