Preserved for a Purpose – by Tiffany N. Romine, Esq.

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Growing up without a father can produce devastating life-long effects. Many of the consequences of facing rejection at an early age result in insecurities, bitterness and self-destructive behaviors.

Preserved for a Purpose offers a faith-based explanation for many of the questions children ask when their fathers abandon them, such as, “Why me?” and “Am I to blame?” Tiffany N. Romine provides a practical approach to identifying behaviors born out of unforgiveness and a hands-on guide on how to let go of the past.

“Preserved for a Purpose is a powerful interactive book that allows readers to take the steps they need to reach a deeper level of self, to forgive others, and to trust that God’s purpose for their life will be revealed. This book will leave the reader feeling empowered to take the next steps to forgiveness and learning how to love themselves as God loves them.” – Beth V. Bradley, MSSA, LSW, director of foster care, Rosemont Center, Columbus, Ohio

“This book effectively lays the groundwork for young women to realize their spiritual, emotional and physical worth … readers enter a step-by-step journey that challenges them to not only walk away from negative thought patterns, but also adopt an ‘I can do anything’ mindset.” – Tabitha Winesberry, MA, clinical psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Azusa Pacific University

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Keywords:- Preserved, Purpose, Destiny, Father, Guidance, Daughter, Faith.

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