Prague: An Unforgettable Story of Betrayal and Redemption – by Morgan Bruce

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Eleven-year-old Vasya Gergiev suffers at the hands of monsters both in the house where he is held prisoner and on the streets of Prague. Taken from a Polish orphanage by Tomek Markovic, a minor player in a major child prostitution operation across Europe, Vasya undergoes the physical and mental anguish of sexual abuse.

Undercover police officer Yuri Seminkov has managed to infiltrate the child smuggling organization headed by Markovic, his task being to arrange the purchase and sale of ‘merchandise’ that Markovic procures from orphanages. But until he can obtain enough evidence to put Markovic behind bars – or worse – Seminkov is powerless to aid the children that are forced into submission training sessions for Markovic’s clients.

Vasya’s life is altered when he encounters a couple who, for their own reasons as well as his, decide to help him escape the brutality of his captor. But Tomek has other plans in store for the runaway, and it is up to Yuri to make sure Vasya will no longer fall victim to Tomek, his clients or anyone else.

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Keywords:- Kidnapping, Child Prostitution, Rescue, Adoption, Family, Crime, Undercover Police.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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