Practical Classroom Management for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Teachers : Case Studies, Activities, Suitable for Novice and Experienced Teachers from All Areas of Certification – by Dr. Cathy Stockton and Dr. David E. Gullat

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Cathy Stockton and David E. Gullatt used their combined 75 years in education to create Practical Classroom Management for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Teachers.

Their book identifies theorists and educators who are noted for their research in psychology or education to assist teachers in creating an effective classroom. In addition to giving suggestions for the physical classroom arrangement, the authors identify methods/activities to reduce stress and to help meet student needs.

The chapter on legal issues is a must read for all educators.

Cathy Stockton retired after serving as an elementary and middle school teacher, school principal, associate dean in the college of education, and superintendent of schools. She was Louisiana’s 1996 Elementary Principal of the Year.

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