Person of Interest – by Ray Barnds

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Edward Ashley made a mistake when he heard the sounds of laughter coming from the shower room. Grabbing his custodial cart he barges in, only to discover the Dean of Fine Arts, Albert Smithers, and Professor Robert Hamilton having a homosexual tryst during the wee hours of the morning. In a panic, Ed escapes from the confrontation only to find himself caught up in a vortex of intrigue, infidelity, and murder.

Fearing his homosexual lifestyle will soon be publicized, the Dean quickly implements a program to replace the aging custodial staff, conveniently getting rid of whoever it was that discovered his dalliance with the newly hired professor. Reluctantly taking on the role as Union Representative, Ed boldly faces the challenge of preserving the custodial jobs as well as upholding the school’s institutional image. But when Ed is marked as a person of interest in the vicious murders of the Dean and his lover, he must initiate his own investigations to clear his name and bring the killer to justice.

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Keywords:- Mystery, Fiction, Murder, Intrigue, Infidelity, Homosexual, Oregon, Fine Arts, College, Custodian, Labor Union, Police.

Genres:- Fiction, Mystery, General.

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