People of the Bear Mother – by TD Austin

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A gifted artist, Little Bear descends into the depths of the Great Cave guided by the oldest shaman of her people. She’s to paint a new image portraying her tribe’s most significant myth, and do so where nothing has been painted for countless generations. But before she enters the deepest chamber of the cave, she must be initiated. Little Bear agrees, despite her fear of the old shaman, her own reservations and her mother’s opposition.

Ill-prepared for such an experience, will Little Bear reject truths revealed by lovers, great teachers and the animal-art of the cave? Is this journey into the abyss destined to change every aspect of her life and all the subsequent lifetimes her soul will live?

With a deft hand, T. D. Austin sends readers on a riveting, page-turning adventure that builds to an exciting and unexpected climax. A must read.

The author was inspired by reading Jean Clottes’ book detailing the excavation of the 30, 000-year-old Chauvet Cave. Austin intuitively understood what the layout and colors of the images painted in this cave meant in the lives of these hunting peoples and what these ancient messages can mean in our lives today.

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Keywords:- Chauvet Cave, Cave Art, Jean Clottes, Shamanism, Animism, Paleolithic Life, Coming Of Age Rites, Clan Of The Cave Bear, Jean Auel, Prehistory, Joseph Campbell, Spirituality, Myth And Mysticism, Religion And Mythology, Hunting And Gathering Cultures, Gay Lesbian Prehistory, Gender Equality, Universal Truths, Women’s Status, Stone Age Archaeology.

Genres:- Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology, Visionary & Metaphysical, Occult.

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