Pathways to the Zodiac : Decoding Its Origins and History – by E. R. Winstanley

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Discover the true meaning and the origins of the zodiac in E.R. Winstanley’s new book,  Pathways to the Zodiac. Why was it formed and by whom? Has the mystery about the architects of Stonehenge and other similar structures been solved? Does the Sphinx still remain an enigma? The deities of the ancient world made an indelible impact upon the lives of the various tribes who wandered throughout Mesopotamia and Europe. Their beliefs and rituals have been handed down through the centuries,  from Melchizedek,  the Lord of the Zodiac,  to the Knights Templar and Freemasons,  to the current era. We all have been linked together and follow the pathways of our ancestors through the creation of the zodiac.

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Genres:- Body, Mind, Spirit , Astrology, General, Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge, Mysticism.

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