Pangaea Flood Mystery Solved – by Norman Grayson

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Ever notice on a world map how all the continents look to have once fit together in one large piece that has since broken up?

Pangaea Flood Mystery Solved sets out a long overdue picture of Earth’s ancient history. Taken from global historic records, archaeology, geology, oceanography, and fossil record, it strips away the nonscientific beliefs that have previously obscured the real facts, allowing a more comprehensive picture to emerge from the genuine puzzle pieces that once composed Earth’s single continent of Pangaea.

From the dawn of time, man has asked where we came from and why we are here.

Why have no definitive answers ever been found for these questions? And why do religious and evolutionary beliefs constantly clash? Could both be wrong?

Without accurate historical records, humanity loses its true sense of identity. So what is the real scientific answer for man’s origin and earth’s ancient history?

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Keywords:- Pangaea, Great Flood, Noah’s Flood, Ancient World, Greatest Disaster.

Genres:- History.

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