Own Truth – by Will J. Abrie

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A surfer named Jonathan Lightfoot, who is accustomed to charming his way through life, is suddenly attacked by a Great White off the coast of Pleasure Bay, a small resort town that accommodates a large number of vacationers. Jonathan is the new guy in this holiday town, and he wants revenge on the shark that assailed him. In order to settle the score and support some of his other more hidden agendas, Jonathan needs a boat. He uses his skills as a con artist to invite people aboard his vessel, expose them to the Great White, and involve them in financing his shark-hunting project. His innocent victims do not realize that he also uses the same boat to further his drug-dealing efforts. When the shark realizes that humans.

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Keywords:-Suspense, drama, truth, own truth, surf, wave, Great White, shark, heroin, drugs, Robben Island, shark hunting, Carcharodin carcharias, cartilaginous skeleton, rows of teeth, shark attack, lemmon sharks, scam artist. Jaws, largest fish, attack surfers, vicious animal, Pro-J-Bay, ASP World tour, spinning reels, Jonathan, Sarah, Dominique, André, Pleasure Bay, Palm Beach, buoyancy compensator, diving cylinders, amber jack, barracuda, Patricia, chum, pharmacist, monster fish, Abrie.

Genres:-  Action & Adventure, Fiction, Suspense.

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