Overview: Documented Accounts of Serious Problems in America, with Related Essays and Enlightening Poems – by Bill Jones

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Overview is the second book written by artist, social, and environmental advocate Bill Jones.

This book presents documented accounts of serious problems in America, owing to a largely silent and passive population, and a lax government that caters to big business, not the people. The documented essays detail the misfortunes of victims, many now dead, and the criminal justice system that caters to criminals, not to innocent victims.

Jones describes himself as an environmental advocate and a whistle blower, a man who wants to call people to action and have a real collective voice to show personal responsibility and altruism, and to demand real changes to the system to make America a better, safer place.

Jones’s first book, Making Sense (2011), didn’t cover the serious issues now presented in Overview. Making Sense is a collection of poetry and essays about present moment awareness, emotional mastery, love and romance, as well as a dreamer’s vision of brotherhood.

Overview takes that vision further, as it tries to correct the dire problems facing us. Jones says the main problems are “too much apathy and greed, and not enough real brotherhood.”

Keywords:- Criminal Justice, Environmental, Activist, Poetry, Government, Plutocracy, Whistle Blower, Drunk Drivers, Greed, Society, Apathy, Serious Problems in USA.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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