Orr at the End of the Tunnel – by Ester Dror

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When his wife runs the car with his two daughters inside, into a lamppost while drunk driving, Sawn decided he had enough. He leaves home with Kelly and Sarah and starts divorce procedures demanding full custody. He knows it won’t be easy but nothing prepares him for the shocking discoveries he is confronted with, and for the toll the ruthless divorce struggle has on the girls.

Sawn learns to cope as a single father juggling the new responsibilities with the demands of his job at the South Wales Police. Unexpectedly, Orr a young single mother to baby Ben reaches out for Kelly and Sarah and manages to help them through the rough phase in their lives. She is the one to pay a devastating price when Sawn gets what he wishes for.

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Keywords:- Family Drama, Divorce, Custody, Child Abuse, Love, Romance, Single Father, Family Court, Residence Order, Visitation Rights.

Genres:- Fiction Adventure.

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