On Fire for God : A Deeper Passion for the Lord and His Purpose – by Evelyn McCarthy

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On Fire for God: A Deeper Passion for the Lord and His Purpose reflects one woman’s beliefs and faith in the Lord.

“This book tells how I have grown in my belief, trust, dependence, and joy in our Heavenly Father. I try to explain why I believe these things through examples of my experiences over the years,” says author Evelyn McCarthy. “Being on Fire for God has truly opened up a wonderful way of living each day without fear, without questioning why, and with much joy in all the little happenings of life.”

The book challenges us to seek more confidence, joy, peace, and love in daily living. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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Keywords:- Savoring the Moments, Putting God First, Listening for Direction, God Consumes us, Searching Direction, Relationship with the Lord, Serving God with Joy, More awareness of God, Loneliness, Grateful Heart, Hunger to know God, Prayer and Timeliness, Prayer Worth the Effort, Walking with Jesus, Boulders in Life.

Genres:- Religion.

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