Omina-Uvorix: The Legend – by Guy Jones

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Guy Jones has always been interested in human nature and behaviour. Omina-Uvorix: The Legend is his third work that can be considered a spiritual/science fiction fantasy.

When Sil D’arblay witnessed the visceral execution on Hanging Hill in Lewesville (from the play ‘La rue de soleil of Lewesville’ in the author’s previous work, Demon Seed), somehow he knew there was more to follow.

Now in Omina-Uvorix, events unfold from the intricate web Sil D’arblay spins. We have no idea of how old he is, because he is a Time-lord.

Then there is Suzanne Zanzibar, a leggy Swedish extrovert, an entrepreneur extraordinaire, yet a very damaged young girl.

What is the connection between these two larger-than-life characters?

Omina-Uvorix is the ultimate haven of peace and contentment; some even call it paradise. The story follows characters in England who reincarnate into different time zones, from 1307 to 1982.

Keywords:- Time Lord, Time Travel, Battle of Hastings, Edward II, Piers Gaveston, The Romans, Chichester, South Saxons, Sussex.

Genres:- Historical Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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