Olwyn’s Dream : A Modern Arthurian Odyssey – by Gwyn Kemp

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Olwyn was a man like any other: a young school master in a private school who teaches history. Until one day he meets a man who is not at first who he appears to be, and Olwyn’s life is forever changed.

After a strange encounter in the local pub, Olwyn falls asleep by a nearby stream. As he wakes up, however, he realizes that he’s not where he fell asleep at all – it’s now fifteen centuries earlier, and Olwyn is stuck in the sixth century.

As Olwyn struggles to find his way back home, his adventures lead him to the company of an advisor to King Arthur, an officer of the king’s army, and a woman who steals his heart. Diligently researched and compellingly written, this intoxicating historical fantasy will transport you too into a different world.

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Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Alternative History.

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