of Sterling Quality – by Barbara L. Wyckoff

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“of Sterling Quality” is about one man’s choice to leave the opulent South, cotton, tobacco, and the slaves holding it together, along with the traditions that were slowly strangling them all before the Civil War. Andrew Wesley Sterling reached for his dream of wealth in the 1850’s Colorado gold rush. On his crossing from Georgia to Colorado, he faced many challenges, learned to fend for himself meeting many people, where grudges began and lifetime loyalties were forged. With the turn of one card, “Denver’s Sterling House” began. Fate presented many hands to Andrew but, his daughter, “A Woman of Sterling Quality”, held it together after her father’s passing. She too had a dream, waiting a lifetime to see it come to pass. She waited with dignity, pride and honor in a place that was “of Sterling Quality” near the golden confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River.

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Keywords:- Victorian, Gambling, Denver, Elegance, Saloons, Plantations, Gamblers.

Genres:- Fiction, Historical, Drama, American, General.

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