Nimble Dodger – by Gregory M. Acuña

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Nimble Dodger is a thriller that plays off of today’s headlines.

In this sequel to The Balkan Network, Assistant Secretary of Defense Sarah Walsh recruits former DIA operatives Dan Radivich and Naomi Markof for yet another dangerous undercover mission.

This time around, the operatives work again along with newcomer and former FBI Special Agent Carmen Rojas-Padilla to operate a counter-terrorism group in Frankfurt, Germany.

There they must infiltrate a terrorist cell with ties to Iranian state-sponsored terrorism that is operating out of the German city planning a major attack against the West. Can they stop the threat? Can they trust anyone? Just who or what, is the Nimble Dodger?

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Keywords:- Counterterrorism, Thriller, Military, Covert Operatives, Infiltrate, Exfiltration, Special Forces, Task Force, Terrorism, Iranian Spies.

Genres:- Thriller.

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