Mystery Celebration – by Patricia Huckle

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At the screeching sounds of sirens, Joseph Beresford dived into an underground shelter and listened to the horrendous noise of London being bombed. There he remained until volunteer workers rescued the frightened young orphan.

After a few months at a Catholic orphanage, a group of children that included Joseph were transported by ship to Australia as a matter of survival. Joseph escaped from care at the age of fourteen. Thereafter he worked at any job he could find until he finally stumbled across a means of wealth.

He became enamoured by his studies and finances, and had little time for anything else. Broken-hearted after having fallen in love with a nun, he searches for the children he fathered in his youth, since someone has to inherit his millions!

This true-to-life novel takes readers from Joseph’s early childhood in war-torn London to his years in an orphanage and on to his final happiness.

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Keywords:-War, Orphan, Sperm, Wealth, Property, Family, Yachting.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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