My Fair Clone(Chinese Translation) – by Lt. Col. Will W. Watson

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In this Chinese translation of My Fair Clone, the story follows Joe Zanowski, jaded millionaire, ladies man, and ne’re-do-well who falls head over heels for the beautiful and vacuous Michelle, the product of secret human cloning. Joe wants her for the blank slate that she is so he can make her into the perfect wife. But, Michelle has been promised to another, literally, when she was still a child in the lab. Raoul Chavez, drug kingpin, bought her for body parts and aims to collect. A twisted version of My Fair Lady ensues as Joe tries to make Michelle into his version of Eliza Doolittle, while Raoul closes in to exercise his ownership rights. The tug of war between love vs. body parts gives new meaning to the phrase “all’s fair in love and war.” Told as a contemporary science fiction cautionary tale, My Fair Clone teaches that love and biological necessity can sometimes be at odds, but love has the edge; in this case that’s good news for sci-fi fans.

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Keywords:- Science Fiction, Human Cloning, Love, Beauty, Drug Kingpin.

Genres:- Science Fiction, General.

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