Mr. O’s Book – by Iza Rozbicka

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Mr. O is an absolutely amazing, very confident and very unique cat that talks continually about his life and talents, strongly believing that he should inspire everyone. Therefore, he has his very own book, simply titled Mr. O’s Book.

In the first part of his story, he introduces himself, his family and friends as well as the neighbours. Then the action starts when Mr. O gets into a fight with one of his biggest enemies: Cat from Bergenfield.

Poor Mr. O (also known as Orange)! He ends up at the hospital needing surgery. Back home a special welcome home garden party has been organized in his honour. A few days later, he is involved in a park accident. It is certainly a good thing that cats have nine lives!

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Keywords:- Mr. O, Mr Owe, Sir Orange, King Cat, Business Cat, Humor, Funny Cat.

Genres:- FICTION, Humorous.

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