Monk’s Treasure (9781606931868) – by Maureen Saunders

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Whilst investigating the disappearance of a Government Minister’s son, Detective Inspector Eastman becomes involved in the strange occurrences at a derelict church outside the village of Little Munchley.

The Reverend Samuel Johnson, his daughter Ruth, Marcus his curate and Ruth’s friend Gloria are also looking into the reports of singing, screams, ghostly footsteps and monk’s seen gliding into the old church.

When an attack on a parishioner up at the old church is brought to Eastman’s attention he starts to think that the two things could be connected, especially when it is learnt that the so called monks are looking for treasure believed to have been hidden at the time of Henry VIII. 

The discovery of another body makes Eastman decided that enough is enough and steps are taken to capture the monks.  With some ghostly help the treasure is located, but it is not the gold and jewels that everyone thought, but a Holy Book.

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