Miniatures of Life: True Stories about Real People (9781606933350) – by Cecilia Kaelin

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Miniatures of Life, True Stories About Real People is a collection of true stories about life’s struggles and accomplishments, offering inspiration, hope, and courage through the real life experiences of her grandparents.

Author Cecilia Kaelin now, as an adult, finds herself with a better understanding of her grandparent’s words. “I didn’t know it then, but my grandparents were teaching me about life. They taught me courage, patience, self-control, sharing, caring, that there were rewards for my hard work and labor, and that a job well done has its own rewards. My grandparents left me many years ago, but many times in my life, I find them as close to me as I am to the written word. If you listen closely, I believe you can hear those messages and apply them in your own life.” Cecilia has added two extra stories at the end of the book for your enjoyment.

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