Memoirs of a Jewish Vampire: 6,000 Years of Kvetching – by Russell Andresen

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Imagine being an immortal and knowing that you had to share your 6,000-year existence with your mother and grandmother.

Imagine if you were forced to watch the follies of humanity while causing problems of your own with famous figures from history.

Welcome to the world of Isidore Glassman, Izzy to his friends, in this politically incorrect romp through history, as seen from the perspective of a Jewish vampire.

Yes, a Jewish vampire.

Sometimes intellectual, often irreverent, and constantly hilarious, this story will make you rethink the way you look at vampires.

Memoirs of a Jewish Vampire: 6,000 Years of Kvetching projects a full-frontal assault on political correctness.

Meet Izzy’s best friends, Jerry and Shlomo, his mother who is frequently drunk and always embarrassing, and his beloved grandmother, Bubbe.

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Keywords:- Vampire, Kosher, Jewish, Comedy, Satire, Political Incorrectness, Memoirs, Narrative.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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