Maverick and Miss Murphy at Rascal’s Rescue Ranch – by Nucci Cento

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Maverick and Miss Murphy are twin dogs with huge hearts. But this brother and sister aren’t quite like most dogs…they both have a cleft palate that makes them look like they have two noses.

Kind-hearted Maverick wants to be friends with the other dogs, but they pick on him because he doesn’t fit in. Lucky for Maverick that his protective sister, Miss Murphy, is around to show him why he shouldn’t worry about the mean dogs and that he is fine just the way he is!

Join Maverick and Miss Murphy at Rascal’s Rescue Ranch for a heart-warming tale that inspires children to accept the differences they find in themselves and in others.

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Keywords:- Bullying, Anti-bullying, Teaching Tool, Cleft Palate, Childrens Book, Love, Acceptance, Maverick, Murphy, Rascals, Rescue Ranch, Dog Stories, Two Nosed Dog, Real Pictures, Adventure, Learning Aid, Twins, Real Life, Non Fiction, Ages 5 To 12.

Genres:-Children /Young Adult

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