Matters of the Mind and the Heart: Meeting the Challenges of Alzheimer Care (9781608606962) – by Beverly L. Moore

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Beverly is owner of Sweet Grapes, Inc. a company licensing experienced professionals in the StilMee™ model of dementia coaching. She has personally coached hundreds of families and trained caregivers in assisted living residences and group homes for the developmentally disabled. She is a frequent presenter on aspects of dementia caregiving, focusing on the person’s spirit and emotional well being.

Beverly’s interest always swayed toward understanding the behaviors of people through life changes, preparing her for her present passion for teaching dementia caregivers and training coaches.

She earned her masters in family counseling at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, is certified by the Boston Family Institute in Brookline, Mass. in family systems. She is an advanced practice nurse in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.

“Talk to me like Beverly does; she still sees me. She doesn’t just see me as an Alzheimer patient.”
Peter, who inspired our brand name StilMee™

“My coach came just when I was about to fall apart and taught me ways to enjoy my husband again.”

“I was so frustrated all the time; she suggested ways to work with my husband. They always worked!”

“It helped open my mind to what my mom was feeling and how to appeal to her spirit.”

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