Maple Syrup Poet – by Vincent Costello

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Maple Syrup Poet reflects the Canadian author’s sense of openness and truthfulness in a way that flows like … maple syrup. Vincent Costello’s stunning collection of thought-provoking and reflective, yet humorous and romantic poems evokes a complex narrative about life’s many experiences.

As an added bonus, there is a short story set in 1977 in London, Ontario, Canada, about a precocious and reflective young boy named Jimmy, who doesn’t know where he fits in, even with his own family. All the characters come from dysfunctional families born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks. The coming of age story relates what happens when Jimmy’s father dies, and he gets involved with some neighborhood kids in a midnight pool-hopping scheme that ends badly.

Maple Syrup Poet was motivated by the aim, “to simply express myself as an artist.”

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Keywords:- Poetry, Short, Story, Family, Oprah, Romantic, Sun.

Genres:- Poetry, Canadian.

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