LuLu’s New Pony – by Doreen Slinkard

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Back at the Wicky Wacky Farm in Australia,  LuLu receives a white pony for her tenth birthday. LuLu gets busy grooming Miss Pickles for their first horse show together.She is intent on beating Melony Parker. Nobody much likes Melony,  due to her boasting. Melony always wins,  too,  as she’s the best rider and has the best pony. But LuLu knows that with Miss Pickles,  she finally has a great chance to win.LuLu’s dog,  Flo,  is not allowed to go to the shows,  as Flo always hunts down Melony’s poodle,  MiMi,  causing a fight. When no one is looking,  Flo hides in the back of the car under a rug. After arriving at the show,  Flo immediately runs off to find MiMi. When the dogs meet up,  they run under the horses’ legs. In the confusion,  the horses become loose and get mixed up.It turns out that Melony also received a brand new pony that she named Primrose. Her pony is identical to Miss Pickles! Both ponies are white and wear the same pink headstall and lead. After being caught,  and thinking they have the right ponies,  the girls mount up for the event,  but the ponies will not budge.Read how the dogs get together to solve the wrong pony situation. In the end,  everyone learns that it’s far easier to work together than against each other. And guess who wins the event?

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Keywords:- Pony, Child, Children, Picture Book, Horse, Horse Show, Trip, Valuable Lesson, Lesson, Funny, Humor, Miss Pickles, Fun, Love, Friendship, Responsibility, Riding.

Genres:- Juvenile fiction, Animals, Horses.

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