Loyalty in Our Time(Chinese Translation) – by Clarrie Burke

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In today’s world, where fewer people seem to live anymore by a code of loyalty, has the “old-fashioned” concept outlived its purpose?
This new Chinese book will have you debating the topic of Loyalty in Our Time: Does Loyalty Matter Anymore? While on a cruise, the subject of loyalty was raised by the author. A retired school teacher present lamented, “Loyalty! I sometimes wonder what that means in this day and age. The only thing you can count on these days is man’s best friend!” That remark set in motion a lively discussion that drew attention to loyalty as a poignant social issue in our changing society. The growing controversy surrounding loyalty tugs at the very fabric of society, and resulted in this soul-searching book.
Is loyalty dead, or has it just been diminished, reinterpreted or misplaced? Loyalty in Our Time: Does Loyalty Matter Anymore? raises some challenging and disturbing questions.

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Keywords:-  Loyalty, Morals, Ethics, Social Responsibility,human Rights.

Genres:- Social Science Popular Culture.

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