Lost in the Wake – by Cork Waddell

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The science star ship Lussufer Margo is alerted that a planet has been found in the far corner of the galaxy that has life on it, but one of the exploring team members has been infected with some sort of virus. In this haunted and terrifying sci-fi novel, the “Beast” unleashes itself on the ship.

Unknowingly, the ship’s captain comes into contact with the infected man and becomes infected himself. As the science team sleeps on their way to a new planet, a spike begins to protrude from Captain Crowl’s hand, and he drifts in and out of insanity.

The captain is relieved of command by the second in charge, civilian Science Officer Bell, an extremely competent female officer. The ship becomes stranded near the barren planet after a hasty takeoff and is forced to call the U.S. Military for help.

Eventually, the military ship and the Lussufer Margo become trapped within the planet, where they find both ancient and modern craft abducted from Earth. Will the Bermuda Beast continue to kill and infect at will, or will the survivors escape from this Bermuda Triangle of space?

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Keywords:- Bermuda Triangle, Outer-space, ,disappear, Tractor-beam, Lost, Haunted, Time-warp.

Genres:- Science Fiction, Adventure.

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