Look Out, Timmy – by Kathy Bachman

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Timmy is an independent, six-year old little boy, full of fun-loving mischief. Sometimes Timmy lets his imagination run wild and, one day, that imagination takes him on an exciting and somewhat scary adventure!Timmy lives in Canada near the beautiful Okanagan Lake. Timmy, his grandma and his Aunty Kathy decide to go for a walk around the lake. The day is perfect, with nature wearing its coat of autumn colors, the water aqua, and the flowers in full bloom. Despite his aunt’s warnings, Timmy begins to chase all sorts of animals and creatures around the lake, following them to their homes and nests. Timmy doesn’t listen, as is his nature; the day ends with the three returning home after a day of walking the trail.But as they drive home, they find large rocks blocking the road — and something happens. Timmy has to face a big challenge that will have him wishing he’d listened to his Aunty Kathy earlier.What becomes of Timmy, his grandma and Aunty Kathy? About the Author:Kathy A. Bachman writes a wonderfully detailed story that teaches children the importance of imagination and how, sometimes, life-changing events are the ones that reveal the most to us about ourselves and the world around us. Her characters are richly drawn and her narrative rings true with a childlike joy and wonder. Look out Timmy will be a delight for children and their parents to read time and time again.

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Situations, New Experience, Nature & the Natural World.

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