Logos : The final episode to Poseidon’s Grotto and The Flux – by C.E. Davis

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When the world was a much younger place, Lyndon and Helen grew up in an idyllic coastal setting and fell in love. There is nothing unusual about this, except that they experienced this in many past lives. Furthermore, what they perceived as real sometimes did not make any sense, especially in their dreams.

Arthur Koestler wrote that dreaming can be seen as “sliding back towards the pulsating darkness, of which we were part before our separate egos were formed.”

During the fourth century BC, Plato maintained that what we see and touch is not reality, but only shadows as ethereal as the reflections from a fire in a cave.

The illusion of reality is how we comprehend the shadows. But beyond this imperfect perception is Logos, the intangible “collective consciousness,” as Karl Jung once coined, which binds us all and permeates throughout the living cosmos.

Here is an idea that the combined experiences and wisdom of all people throughout the ages lie deep like water in the well of the unconscious individual mind.

Together, amidst their numerous destinies within the ever-changing interdimensional flux, Lyndon and Helen eventually found their utopia. Here they remain as young lovers, sharing their subliminal reality with us.

Is this the stuff of reality, dreams, or madness? As Cervantes declared in Don Quixote, “Maddest of all is to live life as it is and not as it should be.” Perhaps Logos really is the mind of God.

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Keywords:- Philosophy, Time-Travel, Eternal Love, Inter-Dimensional, Dreams, Universal Reason, The Mind.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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