Let Slip the Dogs of Love : Suburban Legends Of The Living And The Dead (9781609768454) – by Eugene Kachmarsky

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In an urban legend style of storytelling flavored with magical realism, Let Slip the Dogs of Love blends together a thought-provoking collage of mesmeric short stories that grips your full attention by flinging widely open a few of the infinite portals of perception and awareness to consider why we feel the things we do. The intertwined tapestry of stories reveals the sublime, ridiculous, triumphant and tragic ways in which ordinary people deal with the often extraordinary consequences of their choices and actions. Rapidly and frequently changing pace and rhythm, taking both gentle curves and sudden, unexpected hairpin-turns at full centripetal force, these ironic and karmic accounts tell tales of love, crime, poverty, tragedy, greed and evil in a thoughtful, sometimes playfully humorous, youthful voice as they delve with wonder into the depths that lie beneath the surface of all things in a quiet, sleepy metropolitan suburb.

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