Legacy of Heaven: A Nephilim Tale – by Clifton Gilliam

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The Bible tells of angels falling in love with the daughters of man and the birth of their offspring–the Nephilim…

This is the story of Kaiyel, a warrior angel on an Earthly mission to thwart the malevolent plans of an escaped demon, and Samantha, a broke college student who soon learns that the blood of angels resides within her. The fates of both Heaven and Earth clash in this story of love, jealousy, and friendship. In Legacy of Heaven, author Clifton H. Gilliam combines the creative imagery of a supernatural fantasy with the core elements of Christianity to deliver a story that is both entertaining and inspiring.

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Keywords:- Nephilim, Angel, Demon, Christian, Fantasy, Speculative, Heaven, College Life, Romance, Swords, Action, Love, Betrayal, Lucifer, Rebellion, Eden, Redemption, Christ, Supernatural, Football, Friends, Adam, Eve, Alcohol, Possession, Spirits, Alchemy, Blood, Flirt, Black Author, Bible, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Transformation, Half Breed, Half Human, Fighting, Good, Evil, Geek, Athlete, Experiment, Glowing Eyes, Samantha, Kaiyel, Romuel, Michael, Archangel, Warrior, Jamal, Celests, Vampire.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Epic, General.

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