Leap Year : Be Scared… Be Very Scared… – by Daniel M. Warloch

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Jordan, James and Thomas Waldron are three brothers who explore an old abandoned hall, only to find themselves trapped in time! When the clock strikes midnight on February 28th, the boys discover they’ve been transported to a leap year in the past. Terrifying adventures and unusual characters await the trio as they become separated within the rooms of the creepy old hall.
In order to get back to the present, the brothers must use their wits to solve a complicated riddle—or face the possibility of being trapped in the hall until the next leap year! Will they be able to overcome the shocking surprises they encounter? Is the riddle likely to be solved, or will the brothers face more hurdles in their quest to return to their present-day lives?This is usually the book description from the back cover.

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Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, General.

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