Lady Bug Killer – by R. L. Garr

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Ardy is done. She’s had it up to here. Something has to change. For better or for worse. The realization comes while she’s on her hands and knees cleaning up someone’s vomit. Her job sucks.

A life-altering event moves her from the Midwest to the heart of the desert, where she must unravel the mysteries and oddities the desert holds.

Her father, who left when she was young, had died, leaving her his home and pest control business in the Arizona desert. Bug business, whaaat? Ardy knows nothing about pests. What was her father thinking, or maybe like always … he wasn’t.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, she develops an illness that forces her to make the move to a drier climate. Ardy hesitantly looks further into what her father left her and why he left it to her.

Into her new life enters Adam, a native of the Pima tribe and her neighbor. Relationships are never easy, whether it’s women or men or families. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out, along comes a curve, or in her case, several.

Ardy realizes even though she’s only been with women before, she has feelings for Adam, and ventures into unchartered territory. He smells like the wind.

As secrets unfold, Ardy learns more about the legends and the curses of the desert, her deceased father, and the things that drove him and kept him there. Why did he really die? Is the curse true?

Ironically, it is the bugs of the desert that save her life.

Keywords:- Women Business, Scorpions, Desert Pests, Lost Dutchmen Mine, Arizona, Native, Pest Control, Snakes.

Genres:- Romance.

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