Lacy Rose Gardenia Gets Her Bloom – by Janet G. Sims

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Recent college grad Lacy was running late for work because she forgot to set her alarm. Tom, the neighbor’s cat, had climbed beneath the hood of her car that she forgot to put in the garage, so she had to take the freeway to make up time.

Finally moving forward after getting stuck in a large traffic jam, Lacy was forced to slam on her brakes to miss a puppy in the road, which caused her to be rear-ended by the car behind her. What a day. Then she met Jay!

From that moment on her life began to change, as well as all the lifetime plans she had made for herself and Spence, her boyfriend since kindergarten.

Lacy found herself in some sticky situations and was faced with heart-wrenching decisions that had to be made. Which guy will she choose? This romantic tale of young love follows a young woman at her first job and the choices she’s forced to make.

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Keywords:- Lacy Rose, Gardenia, Bloom, puppy, Ad Agency.

Genres:- Romance.

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