Knightfall – by Marc Labelle

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In the riveting and intriguing tale Knightfall, the heinous mutilation and monstrous murder of an innocent maiden sends a knight to his doom.  His demise not only destroys a kingdom, but also wakes an ancient dragon from its eternal slumber.

A thousand years later, the doomed knight appears in the nightmares of the druidess Ravenna, who sets off on a long journey to find the meaning of the dreams.  Along with her friend, the plainsman Hashaar, she meets two others affected by the knight’s deeds: the wild elf Ohliaman, who seeks his abducted sister, and the dwarf Bromm, who searches for the stolen relic his people revere above all else.

Knightfall takes the reader on an extraordinary quest.  Its colorful characters, rich tableaus and spellbinding action combine to create an unforgettable experience.

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Keywords:- Fantasy, Magic, Elf, Dwarf, Dragon, Wizard, King.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Epic, Action & Adventure.

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