Journey OM : A Soul Journeys Adventure – by Shima

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Journey OM is a story of Peace and Freedom, an amazing recounting of one’s woman’s pilgrimage to link the constellation Pleiades and the National Historic Chief Joseph Trail to our current New Age enlightenment.

The adventure revives the prophecy of Chief Joseph, leader of the Nez Perce, which began 132 years ago and remained unfinished until Shima, the author, realized her calling to fulfill Chief Joseph’s destiny.

What followed were equally incredible experiences confronting forces of darkness and celebrating miracles of light.

The world as we know it is quickly ascending from the third dimension of reality… of strife, scarcity, and the illusion of separation to the fifth dimensional reality… of limitless abundance, vibrant health, and peaceful harmony.

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Genres:- Body, Mind & Spirit , Mysticism.

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