Jake’s Secret – by Glynis Bloomfield

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Jake is a nine-year-old boy who lives in a small town in Australia. Recuperating at home with a broken leg, he is feeling lonely and bored. Then he remembers his old friend, Chadwick, a friendly elf. With his round and cheery yellow face, protruding pointy ears and colourful Aussie clothes, Chadwick makes for an unforgettable sight!

Chadwick reminds Jake of the magic purple powder that Jake was given by a strange woman down the street. When he takes a spoonful of the powder, Jake shrinks to the size of Chadwick.

Jake, along with his unlikely group of friends – including his best friend, Sam, as well as the annoying girl next door, a bully and the class nerd – all take the powder and go off on adventures with the elf. Meanwhile, the kids discover that the powder has some strange side effects: it gives you super powers!

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Keywords:- Adventure, Magic, Environment, Anti-bullying, Imagination, Friendships, Mystery.

Genres:- Fantasy & Magic, Juvenile & Science Fiction.

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