It’s Your Word Against Mine: How Words Express the Cultural Traditions of the US and Roebuck, St. Peter, Barbados – by Sylvester Carrington

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It’s Your Word Against Mine is a collection of stories by Sylvester Carrington that compares unique cultural words and phrases from his native Barbados with select American terms. Some of these words have a different meaning in his culture, while others are nonexistent when it comes to translation.

These simple words migrated with him and he has added those he encountered when he came to live in America. The author’s engaging style of storytelling will grab readers, as he takes them on a cultural journey using a vehicle of simple words to highlight the different aspects of the two cultures he has called home.

With amazing skill, he has intricately woven each cultural term and phrase into a narrative that is altogether fascinating, entertaining, educational, and at times, personal and autobiographical. Watch for the highlighted words in italics throughout the book that compare and contrast these two vastly different cultures.

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Keywords:- US ords versus Barbados words, US cultural words and stories; Barbados cultural words and stories, What your words say, Your word against mine; Your words and your culture, Your words and you.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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