It’s Between What They Say – by Khalid A. Wasi

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It’s Between What they Say is very timely, because increasingly the gulf between secularism and religion gets wider. Unlike the days of old, when there were tremendous conflicts between different religions, today atheism is perhaps a larger threat to the notion of religion or God than another belief. Therefore, the author includes atheism in his spectrum of beliefs, rather than belief versus non-belief.

Khalid A. Wasi promotes the idea that the survival and future of mankind is dependent on global re-education, the type that promotes humans being endowed with the ability to think, as opposed to being subjects of society. He makes the point that character is more than simple manners, but rather is a trigger with universal potency.

The author believes compassion is the password, which like a key unlocks the ability for the world to evolve to its next phase. In spite of the numerous wars, global conflicts, and atrocities that we see daily, we still live in the Age of Aquarius, and enlightenment will prevail.

Discover the key to the genius inherent in many of the great souls and luminaries who have lit the path in religion, science, or art.
Humanity is an evolving consciousness, and the human family is in conflict because of the lack of true dialogue between societies. Behavior embedded in love and compassion is the key to social salvation.

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