Internet Girls : A Beginner’s Guide to the Marriage Agencies of Eastern Europe – by Tom Harding

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Internet Girls: A Beginner’s Guide to Eastern Europe’s Marriage Agencies is the author’s true account of all major personal experiences since 1997: including twelve trips abroad to the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, meetings with hundreds of women via internet, introduction socials, media photo ads, extended relationships, two short-term marriages, and one girl-friend murdered by a jealous ex-boy friend, all documented in detail.

Learn about correspondences, life abroad, contacts with other foreigners, scams by agencies and women, all described extensively, providing an eye-opener on one of today’s biggest personals industries.

Great assistance to hundreds of thousands of clients searching internet girl websites, giving them a different, unique, candid view of the business, with realistic presentations of problems encountered overseas when searching for an internet girl.

All potential clients in this business are customers for this book. Websites all advertise “happy foreign-bride couples”, but how many are still together today? Very, very few!

This book also provides information for people curious about the phenomenon, who aren’t clients of the product.

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Keywords:- Internet, Marriage, Agency, Scams, Ukrainian, Girls, Women.

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