Infidelity’s Fool – by Mannie L. Magid

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Infidelity’s Fool, by author Mannie Magid, explores the peaks and valleys of a 34-year old marriage. Written from the perspective of a physician, this richly textured narrative treats the reader to a poignant and personal account of love, loss, and forgiveness.

Len and Gertrude meet in 1971 and marry soon after. In their home town of Jacobsburg, Len goes to medical school and Gertrude enters college. Their lives fast track to success when Len becomes the Chief of Medical Staff in a prestigious hospital. Len’s achievements shape his inflated ego, and he has an affair. Meanwhile, Gertrude is coming to grips with learning that she has breast cancer. After treatment, the two manage to save their marriage, but Len’s infidelity comes back to haunt him when 34 years later he suspects that Gertrude is having an affair. Tragedy strikes again and Len and Gertrude learn just how important their marriage is and what they must face in order to rediscover what brought them together so many years ago.

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Keywords:- Torah, Kosher, Prayer, Jewish, Religion, Trust, Rabbi, Bible, Law, Infidelity, Homosexuality, Lesbian, Surgery, Surgeon, Medical, Doctor, Hospital, Physician, Death, Intensive Care, Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Carcinoma, Brca 1, Brca 2, Gene, Mutation, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Infidel, Bridge, Marriage, Bride, True Love, Jealousy, Kiss, Medical School, Family, Smoking, Dating, Semen, Affair, Cheating, Divorce, Regret, Sex, Ego, Prestige, Tragedy, Forgiveness, Anguish, Grief, Human Spirit.

Genres:-  Sagas, Fiction, General.

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