In the Stillness of a Single Breath – by Boti Nagy

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New York fashion model Lara Nelson is swept off her feet by J.D., a mysterious man from the Australian Outback who possesses uncanny psychic abilities, insights and “gifts” that defy all rational explanation.

Her fascination with him grows as they casually meet in various exotic locations around the world and his abilities become more apparent. But there is one problem: She is married.

Why has this unusual man from the Outback come into Lara’s life and why are they so drawn to each other? Is there more to life and love than the material and the comforts to which she has always aspired?

J.D., or James Diamond, hails from a little-known area of Australia, where he was born and raised on a vast sheep station with his lifelong friend, Mulgunya Smith. The son of an Aboriginal elder, “Mully” provides a link to “The Dreamtime” and its influence on life today.

Woven through In the Stillness of a Single Breath is also the side story of a hard-bitten journalist pursuing J.D. for his own flawed reasons, ones connected to Japanese war atrocities and his own journey for inner peace. He finds it, in the most unexpected way.

Keywords:- Hugh Jackman, Super Models, Australian Outback, Spiritual, New York, Comfort Women, War Crimes.

Genres:- Romance.

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